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            Protecting Accident Victims Since 1983

            Workers’ Compensation

            Florida’s Worker Compensation Attorney

            Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Serving Middleburg, Palatka, Starke and Orange Park in Florida

            Under the workers’ comp law of Florida, you are entitled to compensation when an injury occurs while on the job. Workplace accidents can take a variety of forms and do not necessarily have to be the fault of your employer to gain coverage. Accidents, regardless of who is at fault, are covered by the workers’ compensation program and a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer can help you process your claim with the correct parties.

            A Florida workers comp lawyer can ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries and help you move forward with denied claims. The process of obtaining benefits under the workers’ compensation program can be challenging to understand, but when you work with an attorney, they can advise you on what your legal rights are under the law.

            Serving the Orange Park, Palatka, and Middleburg, Florida areas, Attorney John Fagan can assist you with your claims and help you understand the law as it relates to your injuries. He can calculate your total compensation and make sure you have the necessary proof to show the severity as well as the long-term effects of your workplace injury.

            Workers’ Comp Filing Deadlines in Florida

            When injured on the job, it is imperative that you file a claim with your employer as soon as possible for your injuries as there is a deadline for filing. You have 30 days from the date of the accident to report your injuries and accident to your employer. Your employer will need to report your claims to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation, at which time you will have two years to file for benefits.

            Because the timeframe is strict for reporting a workplace injury, you need to make sure to notify your employer as soon as you see signs of an illness or injury from the accident you were involved in while at work. Failure to report the injuries to your employer could forfeit your workers’ compensation benefits. Our workers’ compensation laywers can assist you in filing a claim with the division and make sure you are eligible for benefits under the law.

            Eligibility Requirements for Workers’ Comp in Florida

            With the workers’ comp program serving the Orange Park, Palatka, and Middleburg, Florida area, you will be afforded coverage if you are hurt while on the job. Injuries can vary, and your employment type does not matter. Under Florida law, all employers must provide coverage to their employees for injury-related accidents regardless of their status. This means that full-time, part-time as well as temporary employees can receive benefits.

            In Florida, the only type of employee that is exempt from an employer’s workers’ compensation coverage are contractor employees. These employees are not considered direct workers of the company. The laws for workers’ comp in the state do not cover these types of employees. You may want to consult with a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer to determine if you are eligible for benefits for your injuries.

            All accidents are also covered by workers’ compensation regardless if the employee made an error that caused the accident. The only time that Florida does not provide benefits for injuries sustained as a result of an on-the-job injury is if the employee was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This would nullify their eligibility and prevent benefits from being paid.

            Workers’ Comp Coverage in Florida

            There are several types of benefits paid to employees that are injured from a work-related accident. This can help pay for medical bills as well as provide income if you are unable to work because of your injuries.

            Any treatment received for your injuries must be provided by an approved medical professional cleared by your employer and their insurance provider. This will allow for complete coverage of your medical care and ensure paid expenses for your medical coverage. Failing to see a doctor that has been approved by your employer can result in non-payment of your medical expenses. These expenses would have to be paid by you out-of-pocket with no benefits provided to cover the costs.

            Medical Benefits in Florida

            As part of your workers’ compensation benefits, you may seek medical care for any injuries that were sustained during a workplace accident. Your benefits also include payment for:

            • All necessary medical treatment
            • Visits to your doctor
            • Hospital stays to treat your injuries
            • All medical tests related to caring for your injuries
            • All necessary physical therapy
            • Prescription drugs needed for your illness or injury
            • Any prostheses obtained

            In addition, your workers’ compensation benefits also provide payment for the cost of traveling to and from your doctor. Mileage reimbursement also occurs for trips to and from your pharmacy under the law.

            Lost Wage Benefits in Florida

            When you are unable to work because of the injuries that you sustained, you are entitled to lost wage compensation through the workers’ comp program. This pays a portion of your wages that you were unable to earn because you were recovering from your injury or if the severity of your injury renders you unable to return to work.

            The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation determines your wage payout based on the severity of your injuries and its impairment to your ability to work. The classifications for lost wage benefits are as follows:

            Temporary Total Disability in Florida

            When your injuries prevent you from working in any capacity, you will be eligible for up to 66 2/3 percent of your regular wage earnings through the workers’ compensation program. This is subject to a state maximum and depending on the severity of your disability, may be as much as 80 percent of your earnings as determined by the division. In these instances, paid benefits occur for up to six months.

            Payment for lost wages due to a temporary total disability will not be paid for the first seven days of disability or missed work unless your injury extends over 21 days. Then the compensation becomes retroactive and pays from the first day of missed work. If your disability lasts less than 21 days, payments occur for the time missed after seven days.

            Temporary Partial Disability in Florida

            When you can return to work in a limited capacity, you may be eligible for temporary partial disability compensation. If you are unable to earn 80 percent of your previous wages in your new limited capacity role, supplemental income occurs with benefits under the workers’ comp program. A Florida workers’ comp lawyer can help you calculate what your total compensation would be under the program.

            Temporary disability benefits can be paid for up to a total of 104 weeks under the workers’ compensation law in the state. A Florida workers’ compensation lawyer can help you receive the maximum disability benefits you are eligible to receive.

            If your doctor clears you for work, you must return to your employer. Light-duty work can be performed in lieu of regular responsibilities when a doctor has approved your release. Failing to return to work as stipulated by your doctor can result in forfeit of your workers’ comp benefits.

            Permanent Total Disability in Florida

            If your injuries resulted in permanent total disability, you might qualify for additional benefits. A permanent total disability rating means your injuries are so severe that you are unable to work in any capacity permanently. Your permanent impairment rating must be higher than zero percent. Then, your injuries will be rated, and compensation will be determined based on their severity. This takes place under the Bureau of Monitoring and Audit. A Florida workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand what type of benefits you can expect with your permanent total disability injuries as determined by the bureau.

            Death Benefits in Florida

            If you pass away as a result of a workplace accident, your family and dependents are eligible for your workers’ compensation benefits. This can include deaths that occurred within one year of the incident or after five years of disability because of the accident. Your family may be eligible for benefit payments up to $150,000. Your family may also receive funeral compensation up to $7500. Florida also provides for education benefits to be paid to a surviving spouse as outlined by the law.

            Denial of Benefits in Florida

            When you are denied benefits by the workers’ comp insurance carrier, you need a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer to intervene. They can contact the Employee Assistance Office (EAO) as a first? step in obtaining your benefits. The EAO may resolve your issues, or you may file a petition for benefits with the Office of Judges of Compensation Claims. Here, your processed application for appeal schedules a hearing with the Judge of Compensation Claims.

            Within 40 days of your petition filing, a meeting with the Judge of Compensation Claims occurs. In most cases, you will need to be examined by an independent medical examiner prior to the hearing. They will assess your injuries and report their findings to the Judges of Compensation Claims.

            At your pretrial hearing, you will need to make a case for the severity as well as the long-term effects of your injuries. You may be required to present medical documentation as to your inability to work and any disability you have obtained. Having a Florida workers’ comp lawyer represent you at this time would be beneficial as they are well-versed in the workers’ compensation appeals process. They know what to expect at the pretrial hearing. You may also want to consider having your doctor testify on the severity of your injuries and their limiting effects.

            Following the pretrial hearing, the judge will decide on your case within 30 days. If the denial of your claim occurs, you may take further action by filing an appeal with the First District Court of Appeals in Florida. Your attorney can help prevent the need for additional appeals as they will assist you in being prepared to present and prove your case at the initial pretrial hearing. This can help reduce the timeline for receiving benefits and also ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

            How Could a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help My Case?

            Your Florida workers’ comp attorney may also try to resolve your case through alternative dispute resolution. This mediation process can help settle your claim without the need to go to court. The ADR works to find a solution that works well for both you and your employer. This can allow you to go back to work if possible while still receiving benefits from your injuries. This is often a lower cost solution that insurance companies will agree to while still providing benefits and coverage for your injuries.

            Filing an appeal with the First District Court of Appeals can be a challenging process to endure for any individual. Having a workmans’ comp lawyer in Florida on your side can help. They will represent you in court and present your case in a concise and comprehensive manner. Going through this process alone can risk your eligibility to receive workers’ comp benefit as well your total settlement award.

            Consult with a Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

            Having workmans’ comp lawyers to help you navigate the legal process will ensure swift results as well as the best opportunity to receive compensation for your injuries that is fair. You will have an easier time with your claim and reduce the chances of denial of your injury complaint. A Florida workers’ comp lawyer will know the proper procedures to follow as well as the law according to the workers’ compensation program.

            When you are in need of help with your workers’ comp claim, contact John Fagan to speak with an experienced FL workers’ compensation lawyer. A skilled attorney can advise you of your legal rights in relation to the injuries you have sustained while on the job. They can file your claim quickly and accurately and help you receive fair compensation for your injuries that occurred while you were working. Get started today by scheduling a consultation.

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            Tracey Lawler
            19:46 26 Feb 20
            My experience with this firm was not only better than I anticipated, it was a huge relief. I didn't have to babysit like I did with the large firm I left to come here. Attorney, David Drill was professional, knowledgeable, understanding and straightforward. He was never dismissive or intolerant of my tears and always asked me for my input while offering his perspective and expertise. The office staff was always friendly and responsive. I will be referring literally everyone I can here. I can’t thank them enough.read more
            District 14
            15:02 30 Jan 20
            I was very pleased with the service I received at John Fagan. My representative David Drill was top notch in getting my case out in the open and getting the settlement done. Mrs.Debbie his assistant was wonderful, she kept me in the loop with all the needed appointment and any other information I desired. I would say to anyone considering an attorney to call John Fagan.read more
            Gary Mace
            15:03 24 Jan 20
            Daphne and Adrienne have been very informative . They helped me get the medical treatment I needed after the accident. For an experience I’ve never been through before, I highly recommend this team.read more
            Kathryn McQueen
            22:52 23 Jan 20
            Daphne and the staff at John Fagan provided and demonstrated professional service in each of my cases. Daphne was available to answer every medical, insurance, and any additional legal question of my concern. Daphne consistently contacted me when there was an update in my case. I had no worries or stress on the outcome of my case. I would highly recommend Daphne!read more
            Lisa Mari
            20:36 03 Jan 20
            I was hurt on my job and I’m very happy that John answered my phone call and that I used his service. My attorney David and Assistant Debbie were fantastic! Everybody in the office completely courteous too, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t of gotten such a good settlement. Anybody going to Workers Comp needs ATTORNEY’s like this firm.read more
            Marianna Midyette
            02:27 20 Nov 19
            Great firm was very Happy with adraine with the out come with my case
            Paul Maynard
            01:23 20 Nov 19
            They were very helpful in my case I recommend them highly
            Renée Darnell
            17:27 04 Jun 19
            I have recommended Accident Lawyer John Fagan to my family and friends. The Team at Accident Lawyer John Fagan has done an outstanding job representing them.read more
            Wesley Caton
            19:00 04 Apr 19
            My experience has been nothing but amazing, Daphne has been astounding and no matter what obscure demand was made by me or insurance she rolled with punches. Her transparancy really meant a lot to me, she was straight forward with every step we were in.read more
            Paul Wheat
            19:06 07 Jan 19
            Over all it was not bad.. dealing with work comp I found that very few are on your side and no matter who you are, you are now viewed as a lazy criminal. Debbie was great and communication was clear. Dave did his job but nothing more. I do not feel I was prepared for what I heard in mediation to the extent of the numbers.. as an office 4 stars.. Debbie... 5 stars... the experience... well I'm sorry anyone is even looking for an attorney for help.read more
            Dawn Battle
            18:56 07 Jan 19
            Had a wonderful experience at The Fagan Law Firm! Mr. Daze was wonderful to work with, full of wisdom and helped me get my settlement quickly. Would use this law firm again!read more
            Maria Galarza
            15:00 13 Nov 18
            My experience was not very pleasant, first we were new clients without any experience about car accidents for that reason we did not know how the process will be or how long that could last. When we started the process we never got explained step by step how will work. We expected more communication from the person in charge of the case in our case was Adrianne, She never answered a call and when I sent emails I did not get an answer on time, most of the time it took more than 48 hours for her to respond and I was not pleased with the answer of my question (leaving me with doubts about what I was asking) when the case of property damage part was finally over with her, the case goes on demand for the insurer which never I saw some copy but I have to clarify that Mrs Daphne nail was very kind.read more
            Kristen Rosepiler
            22:41 19 Oct 18
            First off, if I could give Daphne ZERO stars, I would. She was terrible with communication! She could never accept a phone call, I always had to leave messages that she never returned, and didn't even call me on SCHEDULED conference calls. The three stars is only because of my beginning experiences..... My case was transferred to Adrienne, if you have a case here, REQUEST HER. She was such a breath of fresh air. She kept me updated via email about everything. I understand that a lot of phone tag happens during these cases, but she kept me updated on everything. Not a week went by that she didn't tell me what was going on. She fought very hard for me to get my bills and med pay down so that my settlement was better. In the end, she turned an awful experience into a good one. She definitely deserves 5 stars!! Thanks!read more
            Chaos with the Christopher's
            13:07 09 Oct 18
            I don't reccomend this attorney at all. They drug my case out for 6 years. I went 8m without them contacting me. They aren't genuinely for you. I was told that my case wasn't putting any money in their pockets. That's when I knew I had to fire them. 6 years too long! I reccomend Byrd & Byrd!read more
            Rand Peterson
            17:26 28 Aug 17
            John Fagan did an exceptional job in dealing with my accident claim. Daphne was also a key player in the settlement that I received. I would definitely use John Fagan (and Daphne) again if the need would ever arise in the future.read more
            Joan Brackin
            22:08 28 Jun 17
            The challenges that my daughter has experienced since her car accident last summer have been many. This law firm and their supportive staff have always had an open ear and were only a phone call or email away to answer questions regarding getting her the medical help that she has needed. I highly recommend this group of people to be there in your time of need.read more
            Alicia Williams
            18:32 28 Jun 17
            I highly recommend John Fagan for your personal injury lawyer. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They are always a phone call away ready to address any of your cares and concerns. When you first meet with John Fagan he makes you feel comfortable and confident he will do the best job he can for you.read more
            Rick Bartley
            18:10 28 Jun 17
            So far top notch group of staff. From account manager's that are on top of it and get answers quick to John Fagan being available when needed. Couldn't ask for a better law firm to represent my case.read more
            Sandra Danner
            22:56 23 Jun 17
            I really wish I had called John Fagan firm to be on my side a couple years ago after an accident. I did not hire any representation and have always felt like the insurance company cheated me from a fair settlement. It was a time I needed to feel like I had family on my side and everyone at this law firm will treat you like family. John is an especially amazing community advocate. Don't make the mistake I did! Call John Fagan law firm today!read more
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